stephen perrella
hypersurface architecture

In our contemporary situation we are forced to navigate the complex problematics of a schizo-culture. Conflicting activities between our everyday life practices and global-institutional aspirations result in a sustained division between representational vs. functional operations. Regimes of representation include language, visuality, history, psychoanalytics and so forth, including all the interdynamics of that realm which are functionally opposite to instrumental, material practices, that assumes expression to come only from gererative technics. The schizophrenic effects of this biunivocal condition unfolding everywhere. Even our computer screens divide these realms: on the one side-interpretation, on the other side-binary code: gene superposed to bit. The effects of this superposed polarity has become an increased (sur)reality as we give up ground on either side toward a groundless, relativistic zone of slippage where incommensurate relations are the rule rather than the exception. Here the intent is not to set-up pure realms of opposition as each (representation/instrumentality are not reducible to any fixed state). Varying combinations of opposing elements configure and reconfigure in a an endless playing-out of potentiality or virtuality. These productions of schizophrenic life, operate as infinitely scalable differentials called singularities.

To negotiate architectural issues in a schizo-culture, one that has lost all sense of place and self due to a simultaneous adherence an impossible dialectics, it is perhaps by necessity that to be at all productive, we must consider more facile strategies. The work presented with this text implements a strategy that superposes Derridean and DeleuzoGuattarian theory. From this graft, the concept "hypersurface" suggests architectural thought-sense strategy of specificity as a means to absorb and negotiate schizo-culture ad to construct inhabitable event-surfaces. Hypersurface is the affect of a deterritorialization of two realms into each other: human agency and topological formsurfaces. The ubiquitous hyperealization of market capitalism transliterates human being into cyberspace (human agency) and transversally engages informed surfaces that result from the deconstruction of totalizing methodologies of form making.