The course started at 1998-1999 and for three years dealt with a hybrid space approach on libraries (1998-1999), museums (1999-2000) and universities (2000-2001). The 3nd  price of Acadia architectural competition on Libraries in the Information Age (1999), the participation to congress on art and technology (2000) and a teleeducation conference series between ETH, CDI/CSD Harvard and NTUA, marked the end result of each course.

2002 was a turning point. The course participated to the “Mobility – Immobility” international congress and exposition at Basel (I had the opportunity to participate to its organization committee). The “hybrid” approach was diminished in importance in favor of an integrating the physical and the digital approach witch led to possible redefinitions of “locality”.

Translocality was the course's theme for 2003, with a presentation of its results to the “Tales of the Disappearing Computer” International meeting at Santorini. Connected Localities, was the course's theme for 2004, with a presentation of its results to the Greek Pavilion of the Venice Biennale.

2005: Med+(Architecture/IT) Following the last two years thinking on locality, digital territories and digital regionalism, will be questioned this year, in their thematic and conceptual dimensions and in a Mediterranean perspective. The course will try to follow themes opened during a conference by Antonino Saggio and a round table at Athens in November 2004 on Mediterranean architecture and I.T. (organized by the Greek Ministry of Development and the Greek Institute of Architects)

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