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in Samos ( www.samos.aegean.gr ) exist three departments of the university: Department of mathematics, Department of Statistics and  Actuarial-Financial Mathematics, Department of information and communication systems engineering.

around the university network, the following networks are articulated :



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This University-network is set up on five different islands in the Aegean Sea: Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Syros and Rhodes, with the geographical structure of an Archipelago. On the organizational and operational level, the unconventional structure of its facilities reflects the geographically fragmented structure of the Greek Archipelago. In the past, the development of the Archipelago was viewed as a management process of the flow of activities between the islands. This view and the corresponding practices lead to the draining of human resources in favor of the larger islands and, consequently, of the large urban centers. To balance this trend, the University promotes investments on modern information and communication technologies and attracts people with the knowledge and the training to create new development opportunities for the neglected island societies. +www.aegean.gr/