postgraduate courses list of presentations
year titles
1998-1999 libraries
1999-2000 museums
2000-2001 university
2001-2002 diagrams of mobility
2002-2003 translocality
2003-2004 connected localities
2004-2005 med/arch+dt
2005-2006 interaction design
2007 interaction design (+) parametric design
2008 Swarm Micro –Architectures (SMA)
2009 SMA revisited
2010 digital regionalism
2011 network paradigm and [common] space / Το δικτυακ παρδειγμα και ο (κοινς) χρος
2012-2013 network paradigm and [common] space

some important archtech's participations:

1998_3rd prize in Acadia international design competion 1998_

2001_a six hours pilot lesson on tele-education in architecture_ntua with ETH and Harvard University

2002_A2B international symposium Basel_mobility/immobility

2004_9th internation architectural exhibition_Biennale Venice_Greek Pavillion

2008_Un Built_ international architecture research events The Athens Byzantine and Christian Museum in collaboration with SARCHA (School of ARCHitecture for All)