This web site is part of the student dissertation presented as a lecture by Themistocles Haralabides having as a subject "Flexible Automation and Robotics in Construction", at 06/07/2000 at the Architecture School, Athens. 

Aim of this site is to draw up some lists concerning the current Research & Development applications in the area of Automation and Robotics in Contruction. This information is layed out in two pages. The first includes the task-dedicated robots, while the second some flexible automation and robotic systems aiming to automize more than one tasks. 
There is also a third page containing the R&D classified by its research centres, and a selected bibliography on our subject. 

We note that the information provided in this site is not full, cannot include all applications; it is just aiming to provide a certain help for anyone to study this area.

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Flexible Automation and Robotic Systems Table
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Themistocles Haralabides
Tutor: D.Papalexopoulos