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preparing the pilot lesson...

meeting of 02.06.01:

Planning the activities. The web site. The tele- partners. The tele-education tool proposed by NOC/NTUA. Decision to work on an architecture studio lesson and its physical and digital space and not on a teacher - students seminar based scenario.The need for a diagramatic approach.

elsa crusochoides
diagram for a studio - classroom for architecture in the information era

eleni levanti

meeting of 02.13.01:
discussion on the proposition of elsa.
The use of diagrams, designing the physical and digital education space of a studio, lesson's memory, the use of data bases, multiplicity of spaces and educational scenarios.
Questioning the relative autonomy and tension between the physical and the digital space.
Trying to figure out an abstract machine dealing with the hybrid.

iris lykoriotis(02.19.01)

athina stavridou (02.19.01)
The shift-inf classroom

vicky nakou (02.26.01)
spatial configuration

anna kostovili (03.01.01)
The University linked to a Public Institution

elsa crusochoides (03.04.01)
diagram for a studio - classroom for architecture in the information era(2)

meeting of 03.06.01:
Discussion on the work of Elsa and Iris.
Ciritc on the ETHWorld project.
The difference between diagram and abstract machine.
The need for cnncrete prooposals.

Discussion on the dipolon "device concept" and "information management concept".
The possibility to have at least four working groups:
1. On a new concept for the tele education classroom.
2. On the concept of "space" of two linked classrooms.
3. On the structure of a School of Architecture participating in tele education.
4. On the general prscriptions / axes.

athina stavridou (03.07.01)
The shift-inf classroom

sonia tzimopoulou:
tele: ________intersected realities and the virtual dimension

meeting of 03.13.01:
Proposal for the basic themes appearing in the first page of the final proposition:

a. general considerations
1. over the existing university structure
2. dealing with the physical and the digital
3. proposition for a diagram/abstract machine opening to new possibilities

b. themes:
1. the teleducation space / classroom
2. the teleducation space / the linking space in-between
3. the global info space of the university

c. output:
1. general themes
2. space prescriptions
3. s/w - h/w prescriptions
4. theoretical questions: virtual - hybrid - the tension between diagram and abstract machine

a, b and c in continuous interaction.
The role and place of "agents" (profs, students, researchers, admin, knowledge management agents)

panajotis michalatos :
interference patterns

niki plevri:
All these marked points can be viewed as nodes

sonia tzimopoulou:
unfolding the information scape >> a n-dimension narrative

elsa crusochoides (03.29.01)
diagram for a studio - classroom for architecture in the information era(2)

vicky nakou (03.02.01)
INFOFLOW: The global infospace of the university

katerina charalambidou

iformation spaceframe

panajotis michalatos :
"How much body do we need?"