2002-2003 translocality

Between the historical centre, blocked by the continuous reference to the past and the periphery of the city, exploded through its generic and open character, the rest of the city assumes the role of a laboratory of the continuously changing cityscape . The propositions sketching and treating of this city in-between are always defined by the, in situ, coexistence of contradictions and dichotomies. Past and future, physical and digital, virtual and actual, renovation and totally new, local and global. morphing rather than collage ( or the reference to a Forme ) describe this territory of continuously transform ed and instable identities.

A changing and transforming digital reality operates in this contradictory urban tissue, by a ceaseless virtualization of the existing, by the continuous formation of urban hybrids .

Through them, locality is redefined, or calls for a critical redefinition, assumes a new role, does not dissolve herself in global operational networks.

Locality is density, interface and event, between the building and the city, relates to “mondialisation” as opposed to globalization.
Εμφαση θα δοθεί αυτή τη χρονιά στην διερεύνηση της έννοιας της διατοπικότητας ( translocality ). Στόχος θα είναι να εντοπιστεί ένας νέος προσδιορισμός του «τοπικού», μέσα από την ταυτόχρονη αποδοχή της εν-τοπισμένης και της οικουμενικής διάστασής του, ως γίγνεσθαι εντοπισμένο και συνδεδεμένο ( connected ). Το ψηφιακό θα αντιμετωπιστεί ως πραγματικό και εν-τοπισμένο: Ροικό, μη ιεραρχικό, μεταβαλλόμενο, ενδεχομένως χωρίς σταθερό τόπο, αλλά όχι εκτός τόπων.


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